The Benefits of Divorce Mediation
  • Reduce the costs of divorce
  • Benefit the children
  • Help couples with children
  • Help couples without children
  • Expedite the process
  • Eliminate as much animosity as possible
  • Help individuals present a reasonable
    divorce agreement to their spouse

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A contested divorce leaves scars, which are difficult to heal. If the parties are not willing to compromise, if they want to fight or be unreasonable, an attorney cannot help. If the parties want to work together for the children and themselves, if they want to save money, expedite the process and remain partners in the raising of their children, then mediation may be for you.

It is also the best way for couples without children who have issues that can be worked out without an extended court battle.

    We Will...
  • Identify Issues
  • Explain the Divorce Process
  • Prepare all Court Paperwork
  • File Documents with the Court
  • Help you reach a comprehensive Divorce Agreement
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